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So I have finally gotten my 03 completely disassembled for the CDL front nose swap. I have ran into a snag, though. Everything came apart as it should. The gears from the 03 came out easily. The problem started when I tried to put the new gears into the case. The gears went in with out a problem, and I was having trouble with lining the hi/lo selector shaft up. The gears finally moved into place, or so I thought. But once they were in the case, they would no longer rotate. Also, when attempting to put the front nose on for fitment, it wouldn't seat fully. There was a 1/4 inch gap. So this makes me think that maybe the gears hadn't seated fully. I raised the rear end and the wheels and driveshaft rotated freely, but the front would not. I am trying to get the gears to come back out, but it is quite a chore. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to run them by me.
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