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Hey, I am parting with a few of my rack accessories and going to through it out to you guys on the forum first. I know it should go in the classified section, but I never check there, so I wasn't sure if anyone else would either.

What I have, and would like to sell as a package:

4 Thule Rain Gutter Feet - The extra tall ones that clear the factory rails on our trucks. Usually harder to find. (I am keeping my load bars for a different vehicle)

Thule Spare tire mount Bike Rack - Carries two bikes and fits right on the spare tire on the back of your truck. This way you don't have to hoist your bikes all the way up on top.

I would like to get $150 for all of this, not including shipping (I'll just charge $15 for that...?) but will entertain offers. But if this price seems ridiculous, let me know and make an offer. I'm in Bend Or and the resale values on car rack accessories is stupid high, so my pricing is skewed. Please email me at [email protected]

Thanks, would love to see this go to a fellow rover driver!
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