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Ok So my wife went to the mall last night and had a weird problem with our 1999 Disco series II...

This is what happened.

She parked the truck and locked it, she can't remember if she super locked it or not... (Our Alarm remotes only work if your standing right next to the truck... yes they have new batteries) anyway she came out to leave unlocked the truck, got in and tried to start it, and well nothing happened, and I mean nothing... no lights no nothing... so she try's starting it again... still nothing, and again and a few more times... So she tries to unlock it again with the remote just to try it, and well oddly enough it works... she tries to start it and it starts right up...

Any idea as to what would cause this to happen?? A faulty alarm module or something... the remotes work but you have to be really close for them to work properly. I'm just hoping I don't need to take the heading liner down to get to the alarm control box.

Thanks in advance for any help :drink1:

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Its happened to me too.. just hit the unluck, even if youre in the car and the key is in the ignition and it'll work.

I havent had the problem in my 04 so far.
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