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I need spares and parts and goodies

To all out there, I'm very very exited, I'm picking up my 1988 90 on Saturday.
But, I need to get a replacement driver and back door asap.
I would also love to get a roof rack and ladder.
Obviously at the best possible prices as the other half has strick instuctions on spending any more than what has already been spent.
Please advise and I look forward to any other advice etc.
I'm located in-between Manchester and Liverpool.

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Hello Felix

I take it your in the UK mate! if so then your a bit spoilt for choice! try ebay, and there are a number of excellent internet shops you can buy from too; Paddocks, Craddocks, ect.

Your unlikely to find any at your local scrap yard as defenders tend to be stripped very quickly or are restored! It be those damned enthusiasts again Lol! :eek:

if you want me to be more specific then just ask!

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