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need to buy an aftermarket bumper for a Disco2

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I smoked my front bumper cover on my Disco when it lost badly to a snow bank. I am thinking about buying a TJM T15 as a replacement. Anyone here have any thoughts or experience with these bumpers? I had an ARB Bullbar on my last Jeep and I loved it, but it is considerably more expensive than the TJM model. Time is of the essence on this as I need to get the claim into my insurance company pronto.

Also, where can I source the bumper from (USA) for the least amount of scratch. I found them at the 4x4 Connection for $665.30 (non-aluminum).

On a side note, got an estimate done for a new front bumper with install and paint (fog's were fine) and it was boasting $1100!! Now you can see why am searching for a better bumper and with my $500 deduct, I may only have to invest about $125 out of my pocket since the insurance company will shell out the remaining $600, to me.

I appreciate all your help and if you have any other ideas as far as bumper go, please let me know. The price is the greatest concern right now as I am building a new home and my wife has an uncanning way to find 'upgrades' on a daily basis.


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Thanks! Did a tree trunk to that much damage to your bull bar? Was that from trying to back off it or from being connected for a tow?

Also, does anyone know if the TJM bumpers have the provisions for the washer jets. Thanks all!
WOW, that is a great looking set of bumpers! What would you charge to fabricate another front?

I have the SE, so I am already equipped with the washer jets, just want to make sure that they had provisions to remount them as they are very usefull in Minnesota.

I do travel off the beaten path quite a bit in my Rover. Although, the factory bumper looks well versed for the vehicle, the last thing I want is to replace another one a few months down the road. Therefore I am in search of a metal replacement unit, one that can withstand a certain level of abuse. All the while giving me a better approach angle and house a winch.

Looks like th TMJ unit keeps looking better and better to me.


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