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need to sell

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2000 land Rover Discovery II se
:) 53500 miles :)
Blue ext. / Bahama int
Interior and Exterior in perfect cond.
New tires
just replaced air filter, plugs
replaced drive belt, wipers, emblems
just replaced front proshaft
6 disc changer
dual climate control
dual power seats
dual sunroofs

asking 12,500 FIRM
Located in MOBILE, AL

other pics avail. e-mail me at
[email protected]
contact # 251-490-5678
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Nice looking truck. You might want to stick this on or Ebay as well. There is one on Ebay right now (item # 4611464490) that you might want to watch- it seems to be comparable to yours mileage and condition-wise. Might justify or correct your pricing.

Good luck!
Muddy Oval said:
Private party retail on that truck is just under $10K. A dealer will sell that with a warranty, detailing, financing etc for $12K.

I agree. Nice looking truck, low miles, but I think you're priced a bit high.

Did you consider the advice of sticking it on ebay or LRX? I would think most LR forum members would undervalue the truck based on what we know about them vs. the general "unknowing" populace.

Good luck!
No, the reality is that YOU can't sell this truck for the price YOU'RE asking on a LR board. It could be that:

-A majority of members already own a LR, possibly several, and the uniqueness factor of yours just isn't there.
-As LR owners we're cogniscent of the going rate- not what is being asked for on the net, not what the dealer is offering it at, but what it's really worth- and yours is overpriced, low mileage or not.
Sorry, I gave up smoking on Monday. Little things get to me a wee bit more than usual...:drink1:
You asked for help selling your truck.
I suggested you stick it on LRX, discoweb, or Ebay (you're welcome!)

The nature of an internet forum is that I can pass judgement and express my opinion on something miles from me that I have no business commenting on in the first place- and you have the ability to disregard it just as easily.

Didn't mean to offend you as much as I obviously did.

1 - 6 of 61 Posts
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