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This a pay your own way event. This means even me the organizer pays my own way to attend. Organizing drives is my hobby and I enjoy putting the events on. I also pay for the website and store system out of my own pocket to make sharing information and registering easier on everyone.

Offroad Poker Run - March 21

The offroad poker run is a meant to be a group trail run to allow those without GPS or other gear to participate. This also means that participants can help each other in case of an emergency. However some of you more experienced off roaders would most likely want to run on your own we have that option. This is NOT a competition but a fun run with a game attached to it. I have some friend helping me by going ahead , setting up a flag and a check point where grab your next playing card. Simple as that.

Starting point:
Johnson Lane General Store
1392 Johnson Lane
Minden, Nevada 89423

Finish Line is Carson City:
Reds 395
1055 South Carson Street,
Carson City, NV 89701

The $45 costs cover the following:
- $10 - Poker buy-in
- $30 - Decals (number of your choice as shown below)
- - - Decals do not harm your paint and are a pick and stick product. Test to 189 MPH and stayed on.
- $5 - PayPal Fee
- Optional Lunch Pre-pay ($15 for Reds 395 BBQ in Carson City – Food, Tax, Gratuity, Soda/Tea)
- Lunch stop has 55 beers on tap which are on you.

Register for the trail drive here:

The poker run trail game:

Players: A team consists of the participants riding in a single rig. A team can consist of a single driver, or as many passengers vehicle can legally hold. We encourage this as a family or couples event as the trails are as smooth as trails can get and is meant to be a fun outing.

Objective: This is a simple 5-card stud game. Participants can stay in a group or if they want to do their own thing can drive ahead to the check points to pick up the next playing card. Check points are on marked city and county roads to make the easy to find. A flag will mark the check point. If you are faster than the check point teams you might have to weight as they are on surface streets to keep jumping ahead.

How to Play: At the start of the event, teams are given a packet with GPS locations (street addresses and times checkpoints are open). At each checkpoint teams will be able to choose their playing card.

Distance covered: The group will cover 186 mile from the start to the end of the trip. 124 of those miles are trail miles over some fast and fun terrain. There is a short section that is a little bumpy but you will NOT need 4X4 to do this run.

NOTES: This is not a time and distance rally or the fastest car wins event. This is a meant to be a fun trail event with a “game” added to it to make it different. Goal of the outing is to be fun and social not a race!

There is a restroom stop after the first check point or 1.5 miles into the trail for those of you who need a more “civilized” restroom. We encourage you to buy something at the bakery to keep them in business as well as they are very tasty.

How to Win: This Poker Run is about the experiences and the adventure, but the prizes at the end are not bad either ;-). The winning team is the one with the best hand at the end at the lunch stop. Payouts are given to the teams with the top three hands.

Payout: First place receives 70%, second place receives 20%, and third place receives 10%. The more participants there are, the bigger the pot will be. All fees collected go to the event as noted below.

Costs: $30 for decal with number of your choice, $10 poker buy in, $5 for maps and PayPal collection fee (GRR)

Lunch: We worked out a pre catered lunch at Reds 395 BBQ for $15 a head. This includes, food, tax, gratuity, and soda / ice tea. They have 55 beers on tap which are not included.

Maps: GPS map files will be sent to those who register for the event. Printed maps will be made for those who don't have a GPS or GPS app.

Weather: If the weather turns south on us, a full refund will be given a week prior to the event. After that partial refunds will be give as decals will have been printed. They will be mailed to you if canceled and a new date selected to do the run.

Register for the trail drive here:

Current claimed numbers as of this post:


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A question that came up on a few forums was meet up time and start. Meet up 8:20-8:30am to air down, pass out packets, apply decals. Full details will be sent via email to those who register.

Deadline to sign up is March 17. This is to allow time to make the decals.

Two more numbers claimed


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March 2015 – Poker Run Trail Report

The first trail Poker Run and Trail day has past. The group consisted of 12 rigs on the trail and 4 of us that played as “check point crews” to hand out cards and take pictures of the group. The group covered 128 miles of fun trails and a wide mix of terrain. We did suffer a hiccup a hour into the event where we had to help a rig get home but despite the hiccup everyone had a great time. Plans are to do another one this summer that is all dirt with no pavement. Once a date has been selected it will be posted for everyone to join on another trail run and poker game.

Video clip of the event here:

All the event images can be found here:

Some highlight images of the day’s events.

Another WAY to early weekend morning. Whose Idea was this again…

Driving into Tahoe one more time

Drivers meeting, admin stuff and everything else before we start


Some of the images on the trail. There are so many so here are just a few of them. See the link for the full album and all the great shots


After a fun day on the trail, a well desreve beer and food was waiting for all at Reds 395. In the end we had a great day, made new friends and are all pumped to go on the Ghost Town run.

The winning hands.

1st place - Blue Jeep - 2 pair Ace High (thanks raptors for money to upgrade jeep)
2nd place - Rapto - 2 Pair
3rd place - F150 4x4 Eco Boost (Off the lot!) pair King High
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