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A Navigational Adventure!
The “Off-Road Experience”
190 Airway Blvd. Livermore, California. 94551. USA.
Phone 925-606-8301/Fax 925-606-8302/e-mail [email protected]
Check out our web site at…


July 19, 2004

Event Type: Navigational/Adventure, On/Off-Road.
Event Date: October 23, 2004
Event Location: Lovelock, NV.
Event Times: Registration on Friday 7 to 9pm, Re-opens Saturday 8 to 9am.
Event Start time: 10:00am 12-hour total time permitted.
Event Format: Search for waypoints via LON/LAT on your GPS, awesome driving!
Event Format: Special Task(s) for both bikes & 4wd’s.
Scoring: Points Won (finding waypoints) and Lost (through penalties).
Event Hotel: Ramada Inn, Lovelock, NV. 775-273-2971
Vehicle Type: 4WD with low-range or Dual-Sport Motorcycle.
Vehicle Requirements: Street Legal, Current License and Insurance (proof required).
Participant Requirements: Valid Drivers License and Medical Insurance (proof required).
Participant Requirements: A Navigator is NOT required for NVTR-II, solo drivers ok.
Important: Medical Insurance is NOT provided to works or participants.
Equipment Requirements: GPS, Nevada Atlas by DeLorme, CB Radio(in 4wd). Laptop is permitted.
Entry Fee: $100.00 per vehicle (pre-entry thru Sept 15), Post-Entry $150.00
Entry Forms: Available on line @ See NVTR-II
Teams: Every two vehicles equals One Team. (No Single entrants permitted).
For more information e-mail [email protected]

Michael Green
Executive Director, NVTR

NVTR-II owned by The Off-Road Experience, Copyright 1995/96/97/98/99/2000/2003/2004. All Rights Reserved.
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