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HAHA, i meeeaannn, next to the Disco of offense, My sister has a Mini, and it's its size that gives it its awsome handling and thats why i think with a niiiice engine tune up, you can make that thing a good touring car and with a All Wheel Drive convo (still havent seen it done) a rally car. Besides, it comes from the motherland! :buttrock:

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Regular gas is fine for that model... but I still put in Super.. I figure for $4 more a tank I rather have a bit more octane, it's better for it...


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TerryS said:
It doesn't know who it's father is, and the 110 ain't talking.
It's a Cooper 1275 S. We keep trying to get rid of it, but it keeps following us home.
haha. That's awesome. The classic coopers are great little cars...
How much are you asking for it...
I'll take some pics of mine at the same angle..... :clap:
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