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New 95 3.9 D Base Owner

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Hello L R Lovers,

Just Rescued my Wifes first LR from a 13 yr old using it for Mud Bogging !!!

and etc . Ran Poorly --already fixed that myself --Plenty wrong there
Plenty wrong left to go HOWEVER
One week later --On the road again !
First Off Trip from WVA to FLA 875 miles
Well Fixed some more bugs n stuff BUT BUT BUT
need a Power Steering pump NOW or pretty soon --been screaming for 700miles --it's the bearing at the face of the pump behing the releaux triangle
where the shaft enters the pump --any thoughts ? :wave:
I am Forced retired -Injured 07-General Dynamics IT Wireless
TradeCraft name "Hawk" --username already taken here
So Call me " Hawks Tower " (former Biz name)
feel free to contact me and God Bless n thanks for having me
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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