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Not really as I've been Rovering for about 30 years now.
Still have my first SIIA although it's been off the road/trail a few years.
Restored it many years ago and wore it out again.
Time to do another restoration I guess since no one wants to pay a fair price for it.
I've had a couple of Range-Rover Classics too, comfortable but too many plastic bits fall off if you do serious "Off-Road" work.

Just got a 1996 Disco, dirt cheap and around 200,000 miles.
Doubt I will keep it for long, way too much eco-nut mandated BS and distributor-less ignition/F.I. complexity.
Runs but has less power than my 2A had on the day I drove it home, running on only two cylinders!
Wound up having to fetch it on a trailer within 50 miles of purchase.
Tonight I found the problem to be a blown fuel pump fuse.

Will try to get the Disco running decent for this winter and probably get rid of it in the spring.
PS & PB are convenient but I want my carburetor and distributor back!

Have a couple of classic/hot-rod cars to finish, then it's back to doing the frame-over on the 2A unless some one comes up to a fair offer.
The more I think about it the less I want to let it go at all.
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