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Hello. Wife and I got a 2002 Discovery from my mom, she got a newer vehicle. It has 65,xxx original miles, yes original. We had to keep jumping it as it had original battery that wouldn't hold a charge. It was also bulging. So this past weekend we put a new battery in it. There is a click sound in the engine area passenger side when trying to start it. All dashboard lights come on and after market radio, it just doesn't start.
We have come across some google searches that it may be the alarm system. We read about and tried locking and unlocking the driver door 3 times. We've also read something about needing to reset alarm by entering code on radio but its not factory radio. Also read after new battery have to take to LR dealership so it can be reset?
Anyone else have this issue? Any idea what else to try? It's pretty frustrating.
Thanks a lot for any suggestions...

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Hi, as long as you can lock/unlock with the fob, you hear a click and the red led is not on when you turn ignition to crank it's not the immobiliser, check the small lucar connector on the starter solenoid to not be loosensed, ebventually give a tug with a hammer to the starter motor cos IMO somewhere in the starter area is the problem, if no joy with these tricks swap relays R2(starter) with R3(headlamp wash) to rule out the relay, also make sure that fusible link FL12 is not blown, if you can handle a multimeter measure for voltage on the starter solenoid feed while cranking and if you get voltage there the solenoid is fubar'd

after battery change only the radio code is needed, the immobiliser is not affected
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