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I installed 4 new calipers and pads on my 1990 RRC. Followed the 14 crazy steps to bleed the system. Got down to the last of it and the abs pump started to grind. I rebled the system and still the same. If I introduce air into the system, open the bleeder on the pump or master cylinder, it stops. Tighten the bleeder then it starts grinding again...Any ideas?


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If you are self bleeding your system
Take a piece of vacuum hose that fits on the bleeder screw and take a large bottle of break fluid about half full and have another bottle
Take the half full bottle and attach the vacuum hose to the bleeder screw and the other end into the brake fluid loosen the bleeder screw and pump the brakes
As the airs bleeds from the system it will
Suck up the fluid and keep the air out
Do this starting with the farthest brake
Make sure you keep the brake resavor
And the one at the bleeder screw dosent overflow
Do this at each brake
It works I’ve done this for years
Also check the hose going into your abs pump
If your brake fluid goes all the way down
There is a old gunk that can clog
the intake to the pump
You can check it by opening the bleaker screw by the hose if it running and you open it
It should squirt out fluid
Good luck
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