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Here is a bad transaltion courtresy of

Defender 110 Td5 SW: Time machine f?alle F?e

No ABS, no air conditioning system, no comfort. But the promise on that completely gro? Adventure! The countries Rover Defender 110 station Wagon is a legend. And so completely differently, than all modern automobiles. Exactly constitutes his charm.

Joyful seeing again Hello, old buddy. In the last year I met your colleague, the Defender 90, with short wheel base. Therefore I have a notion, which expects me: A journey to the automobiles past. Schlie?ich becomes the Defender already in principle?r f? Decades produces. And?r two thirds of all vehicles ever built are to be still in the use. In the jungle, with the mountain rescue team, as a workhorse on building sites - and as test cars with mototype. Seems nearly, as if the thing is unverw?lich.

In the course of the time

Model care gave?r the decades to permanent all-wheel drive, a chassis with coil springs, power steering and a F?zylinder Turbodiesel Direkteinspritzer with 122 HP (95 KW). Airbags does not give it however. ABS and air conditioning system continued to drive the price of the Defender 110 station Wagon (30,000 euro) into the H?. The security, which the Defender obtains, is another: "we come through?rall, nothing can us stop", seem us everyone many visible rivets of its aluminum body to zuzuraunen. 50 centimeters deep river fords and upward gradients of 45 per cent are not a problem. What makes it there that the Defender is loud, schwerf?ig and extremely unmanageable? more?er 13 meters turning circle are perhaps on the parking lot before the supermarket a problem - in the TV serial Daktari, which played in the African savannah, was never of it the speech. Daf?wurden there with the Defender wilderer hunted, wounded animals saved and Nash?er imprisoned. In view of the d?en vehicle density there also the bad exhaust gas values are not all too gro?s problem. In Germany the Defender with pollutant class euro 2 d?te soon even to the hunted becomes.


Well one hour ago a Jaguar x-type was exchanged for the Defender. And it was not a bad exchange. Although the K?er on leather seats with vielf?igen electrical Verstellm?ichkeiten rested before and the Gest? the Offroaders of a K?enstuhl reminds. Does it nevertheless l?t itself before and to? move. A little at least. Which fascinates at the Defender, is its Kompromisslosigkeit. It wants to drive, otherwise nothing. And to the emergency to end of the world. Despite two meters of H?, 1.80 meters width and 4.66 meters of L?e f?den driver only a small niche remains. The pedals require one strangely schr? Containing. In the rear there is daf?reichlich place. Completely in the back l?s facing forward again two Klappb?e are. Thus the station Wagon becomes the transporter f?bis nine persons. Or to the Gro?aumtransporter, f?den a Bavarian farmer cabinet no problem to be seems.

Simply effectively

In tr? flie?nden traffic is even something from the radio to h?n. If the engine anbr?t with maximally 130 kilometers per hour against the tosenden wind, musical maintenance does not have a chance. The sound is?igens exactly the same D? as the two L?ungsregler of the heating, which were squeezed somehow still left beside the instrument panel. A Hifi CD radio w? here also really deplaziert. Against it the two L?ungsklappen under the windshield, which are served from the inside with solid levers k?en, are correctly practical. If they and the rear lateral sliding windows are used, an air conditioning system is also missed w?end last really hei?n summer days no longer.

Boundless Vergn?n

The F?zylinder FR? its measurement courage?r motorway stage for hours and the stump-intimate from Frankfurt to Berlin with good zw? Litres of Diesel per 100 kilometer down. Less than ten are never in it. In the Gel?e consumption l?t itself h?stens in litre per hour measures. Speed plays there no role. Here the Gel?euntersetzung and the closed Mitteldifferenzial z?t. With GET? and tautly strained muscles w?t itself the test car on loose underground upward gradients up, in whose defeating I had not believed before. Downhill it goes in the step speed. The Gel?euntersetzung limits the speed in the no-load operation to approximately six kilometers per hour. Offroad erschlie? itself also the suspension tuning. Rough unevenness are ausgeb?lt with extreme Achsverschr?ung, the Defender weigh quite gently by the Gel?e. After some hours on the Gro?austelle is clear: Here the courage of the pilot and not the K?en of the vehicle determine the borders. It harms only that the Defender in Germany has only few Abenteuerspielpl?e to the Verf?ng.

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In the middle in the heart

Gro? loud, lamely and thirstily. Besides the thing f?die city is unrestrainedly?rdimensioniert. Nevertheless there was nobody, that without sparkling eyes and an inspired L?eln stepped out of the Defender w?. It is as the sch?e unyielding Britisher before the Zw?en of the modern life. Hecticness and consumer intoxication seem distant behind the steering wheel light-years. Are the others for their dates nevertheless afterwards to hunt, if they want that. The Defender is a type with which one introduces itself k?te to become old. And nevertheless - or straight therefore - l?t itself with automobiles the Urgestein on the Gro?tadtboulevard impression maltreat. Aluminum rims and Metalliclackierung provide for him on the town center Nobelmeile respect. A Zugest?nis to all, which want to be dazzled. But whether it must be absolutely this s?iche Rotmetallic? Black, grey or f?England typical gr?stehen it substantially better. All the same in which color: The Defender is not to be?rsehen. Even modern SUVs works beside it somehow insignificantly. The modern trend r?t itself at it with Parkh?ern, which are unfit f?sein Gardema?meist. Is nevertheless all the same to me. I give to nevertheless only reluctantly again to?.

Result: The countries Rover Defender is in the reason a Malocher. It is hard and unyielding. A type, which stands to its word. It gives the promise to never leave its passengers in the pass. Exactly makes it so love worth., Holger Schilp

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