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New diagnosis, any sudjestions

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Okay I have a new one for you, It is running and driving great, I have only run into the oil light comeing on once, when this happened the lifter started to hit and the engine started running rough. I shut it off and then would not turn over, infact the starter would just kinda click but not do anything.

So to my questions,

why does the starter click real bad in the morning when it is not warmed up, then with enough promting finally turns over?

Second, why do the lifters tap alot in the morning?

And third...How the heck do you get at the starters upper bolt to swap it?

thanks all
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Sorry, I must have been unclear, my fault. My oil is never low and is changed fairly frequently, I just finished a seafoam flush as well. I have not had the oil light problem in several days...good news.

My starter on the other hand is giving me some issues. In the morning it likes to click alot and then start. I have pulled the battery wire from the starter and cleaned it, however the 12v wire I am having issues with.

also is there an easy way to pull the starter. or test it on the car.

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