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Hi all

If you're not a frequenter of the UK Disco3 site you may not know that BBS solutions who market the Faultmate range have just announced the release of revamped Nanocom unit which will connect to CANBUS such as the LR3, LR4, RRS etc.

These units are not licensed per VIN, but per vehicle class so if you have an LR3 license you can work on any LR3. Which is nice when you want to help out a buddy in distress.

According to the thread I saw, they are doing a 20% intro offer during December only. I'm not affiliated with BBS apart from being a Faultmate owner and I managed to get an early unit from them - you can take a look at Home Page for more info.

It's a quality piece of kit from what I have seen so far and I will get around to posting more once I have the time....
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