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New disco 1 owner questions about it?

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Bought a 96 disco1 SE7 with 120 k miles on it. Seems to run very good so far has some of the normal light problems that I have read about but I will take care of it this week but one question I have is some times when you are coming to a stop and the auto trans is down shifting you can hear a very very faint clonk when it down shifts, doesnt sound bad just makes a sound, also when you put it in reverse once in a while you will hear this clonk also.

I know it is a 4.0 v8 and has about 185 hp it seems a bit slow, is this normal? My other truck is a 04 Dodge 3/4 ton with a hemi and 345 hp so thats what Im used to.

I did change oil and trans fluid once I got it home if this helps.

Also should I really watch out for any thing on this make and year as far as common problems

Some one told me that jeep made this enging is that true?

Thanks for all your help, Im so excited I found this site I also ride dirt bikes and on the same site but for ktms called ktmtalk I have around 500 posts- and have learned so much from that site Im looking forward to the same here - Jason
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HAHA...NO JEEP did not make that engine...thats like Ford making the engine for the Vette! BMW used to own Land Rover and they helped make the 4.0s you and I own. Now LR is owned by ford and the engines are Jaguar (also owned by Ford). I too own a 96, mine is SE though. No big diff only you have two extra seats. The truck is a cow, yes, but look at the tourque numbers, thats what counts on these trucks. I don't know about yours Tran. aprob though. Someone in here will know though. Welcome to the Fam!
Oh yeah, I remember reading something about that. Woopsy daisy, guess i was just makin stuff deserthonyaulk, but LANDY96 is correct! Good save there. Wait until you get off-road bud, if you're about relaxation, you'll love using this thing to get you to a secluded spot.
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