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New Disco II question (switches)

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The button on the dash board that has a rover going down hill in red, what exactly does that do, drop you to an even lower granny low? Also, i believe i have the ACE package and was wondering if there is any easy way to tell what suspension packages i have or dont have. Its a 2000 Disco II. I believe this year model came with 2 optional suspension packages, the ACE and automatic adjusting suspension or something. I can see the arms from the ACE(or what i think it is from pics on the internet), but dont know bout the rest havnt put it up on a lift just yet.
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The switch you are describing engages hill descent control. A great system. The first time you use it off-road on a steep descent will be an act of faith in Solihull. Don't worry, it will get you down safely without any need to apply brake,,, in fact, better than if you paniced & jammed the brake. When you brake, as anyone who lives in cold climates can tell you, you lose steering. Same goes with loose ground off road, particularly on descents. This system electronically controls your braking to keep you going down in a controlled manner without losing control. Use it in low-range, 1st gear.

I don't know much about ACE so can't be of help here. But to see if you have air suspension (SLS: self-levelling suspension) simply look in back where your springs should be. If instead of springs you have black air bags connecting to your axle, then you have SLS. In that case you'll also have another switch showing the rear-end of your Disco with an arrow pointing up. That's how you engage the 'off-road mode' of your SLS to raise up when off-road. The springs in front will be normal springs either way.

Congrats--you have an awesome & extremely capable rig that will get you anywhere in style, whether it be to the shops or up the rockiest nastiest of off-road trails.

See threads on Twin Cone & Slaughterhouse Gultch for pics of a stock Disco in action (It's a DI but still,,,) :drink1:
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