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New Disco II question (switches)

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The button on the dash board that has a rover going down hill in red, what exactly does that do, drop you to an even lower granny low? Also, i believe i have the ACE package and was wondering if there is any easy way to tell what suspension packages i have or dont have. Its a 2000 Disco II. I believe this year model came with 2 optional suspension packages, the ACE and automatic adjusting suspension or something. I can see the arms from the ACE(or what i think it is from pics on the internet), but dont know bout the rest havnt put it up on a lift just yet.
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well i found out that i dont have ACE. But, from some that i have read it wont be too much of a problem. I read that many offroad packages as far as lifting and things like that recomend not having it. For, now the handling is better than any other suv i have had in the past so I am good for now.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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