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I have a new(still in the wrapper)front drive shaft with a double cardon joint on both ends, which i will never use. I am currently useing a D/D front drive shaft, but this one is too long for my application.

This one is 25.5" long fully compressed, and that does not include any adapters. So this drive shaft would be for a LR with a big lift that causes the distance between drive flanges to be at least 28". The adaptors are ~3/4" thick each and you will need at least 1" more, so the minimum flange to flange distance for this shaft is going to be 28".

Normally I make my own adapters, but you can buy them from Tom Woods. There are no adpters included here. This is just a D/D ds which is 25.5" long fully compressed.

I will take $250 for it and pay for UPS ground. I can take whatever form of payment is easiest for you.

Randall Smith 1-800-595-8334
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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