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i've gone through my midlife crisis a few years early... 21... and i am selling my cruiser bike right now and will have about 8k to sink into a disco. i was thinking 94-96 would be best for my price range. i'm also a off-road n00b and would like some "internet idiots guide to not getting stuck in the mud" articles if possible, thanks. i am taking a look at a 98 disco 90k for 8,000$ in a few days along with a 96 disco 80k for 7,500$.

it'll be used during college years so low mileage... but 1/4 of that time will be off road probably. help i'm a n00bie and i can't help myself, feel free to link me to death. starting with a stock disco, what is a good starter mod if i plan ot offroad small creeks/muddy roads (no boulders). thanks.


ps - sorry for posting this in the disco lounge.
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