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I have a 2004 Disco 2 G4 that I bought several months back. It was and still is garage kept and very well cared for with no leaks or problems of any kind. It has 87k miles and runs perfect. The first thing I did was complete every step of Mikes service list for high mileage vehicles. The only problem is, when I changed the engine oil, I started noticing the infamous valve train noise or ticking that everyone is talking about. It never did that before at all!!! I used Mobil 1 10w 40, and Mobil 1 filter, then the noise started. Thinking the oil was the problem, I changed to Rotella 15w 40 and the K&N filter. Made the ticking a little quieter, but it is still there. It only happens once the engine reaches operating temp and really sounds like its coming from under the valve covers but Im not certain. I have no problems with overheating or losing coolant. I dont have any warning lights showing. The only leak I had was from the valve covers which were loose (not anymore) and it wasnt even enough to drip on the ground. I inspected the head gaskets and they dont seem to have any leaks either. I did an oil pressure test this evening and the numbers were as follows: Cold Idle-44psi, Cold 2000RPM-48psi, Hot Idle-14psi,
Hot 2000RPM-40psi. If Im not mistaken, those numbers are in spec. I am at a loss. Any help would be appreciated as this is my first go-round with one of these beasts. I must admit, I still love this thing despite its rather quircky short comings!
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