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Hey all, glad to be here.
I just purchased a 2008 LR3 SE in Tonga green with 65k on the clock.

The truck has a full service history, oxmoor rear seat covers, hitch assembly, PO installed a garmin and backup camera, and left me with an iCarSoft diagnostic tool.

Love the truck.
Been looking for the right one for months.

The truck is in truly immaculate condition by all outward appearances, however on my drive home I got a suspension fault.

Ran the codes when i got home --- got C1131 and C1A20
Looks like I might need to replace the compressor, or at the very least clean the dryer, and/or repair a crack in the cap fitting.
Not really sure yet, will dig in soon to figure it out.

That is a huge bummer for me, but looking through the service history I have not seen any listed repairs to the suspension, so I have to assume it's the original compressor. It makes sense to me that it would begin to fail after 8 years.

Regardless of this small hiccup, I love the truck, and my wife and 2 year old son love it.

Wife drove the truck into work this morning and reported no suspension faults, so this is an intermittent issue for now...

I'm cautiously optimistic about it, albeit a bit nervous.
Of course I've read all manners of rover horror stories.
Hoping this one doesn't bankrupt me.

Anyways, glad to be here guys, and looking forward to learning more about these trucks from you guys (and gals).

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Welcome to the board!!

Where is the crack located? Post some pictures.
Have not inspected the compressor yet.
I've seen forum posts of them cracking in-between the air hose fittings on the dryer cap though.
Figured I'd start there.

Worth noting, my wife has been driving the truck across Nashville all day and has not seen the suspension fault come back.

Obviously this does not mean everything is fine, but intermittent is certainly better than static...

only pic I have currently, as we've owned the truck for less than 24 hours:

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...don't fret too much. At least if it's the compressor you can just step up to the AMK and be done with it. To me that's better than chasing a leak or having a bad shock or some undiagnosable calibration issue.
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