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Hi we have had a landrover Freelander 2002 in our family for many yrs, first my father had purchased it, and once he past my mother let me use the car freely. We have had some minor issues with it but im really trying to find out what a certain type of fusible link? Fuse or is it a relay even it is and what do we call it to purchase a replacement as the ones i will name have been stolen from the engine bay fuse box??? Yes stolen
As far as my research has found im pretty sure 1 of them is a fuse link, =( FL6 100A ) with a picture of a coil on the lid of the fuse box.
2nd one, is a (FL10* 30A) with a picture of a motor with a strike through it. And 3rd is (R5* ) same picture as 2nd one and positive this is a basic relay, now the first one is a screw in one. I have taken a picture and as im only new to this forum posting im extremely unsure where n how to do it. If someone is willing to help i would appreciate that hugely as we keep contacting Mechanics and they keep sending wrong fuses to us. Please help thanks heaps
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