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Hi, I usually lurk, but now after many years of skipping around on various car forums, mostly British, but also Danish, I would like to participate in actually asking for advice from some of you with NAS Rovers, of which there are very few here.

The deal is that my mother has one (in Virginia) and I can only help her by telephone and internet. Since I can't repair it from a distance, much of my inquiries would be in the form of "who does this type of work and is reliable."

Persnoally I have owned or worked at "foreign car shops for many years, including Land Rover specialist shops." I now work in an office with control system design and testing on very large two stroke diesel engines.

We do have a local club DLRK, but I'm not a member since I don't spend my time hopping over hills. My Series IIA is too old for that kind of stuff and it costs too much to repair if I were to break something. I do also have some other project cars like Frogeye Sprite (FenrisSprite), Series1 Mini, Alfa Romeo Guilia, Volvo Amazon etc.

Hej, Donn
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