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New member, responsible for wife's 08 LR2

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Hello, newbie checking in here, I'm the responsible mechanic for the maintenance on my wife's 2008 LR2.

Just did brake pads all the way around, easiest thing I've ever done on a vehicle. Next to get it to the dealer for a fluid flush/fill.

Dealing with the "gas cap loose or missing" message, I put a new LR cap on it last week, hope it will go away soon.

So far it's been a pretty good vehicle. Most of the parts are stamped "fomoco" from what I've seen.

From Northville MI, SouthEast Michigan.
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Do the full brake flush yourself and save a ton of money the dealer will charge you.
I'll think about doing it myself, I just received the workshop manual, I'll read through the instructions. It's $99 at the dealer to flush it. We've got a 6-month old at home, the $100 is almost worth it right now to have the dealer do it, especially after the savings of doing the pads myself.

Gas cap loose or missing warning light has been off two days now since I disconnected the battery for about an hour.

I have done oil changes myself on it. I just don't care to "monkey" with the brake fluid and making a mess in the garage of it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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