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Howdy, just joined the forum. After admiring Land Rover D1's for 15 years I finally bought a used 98 D1 with about 113000 miles. Had a lot of fun driving around but don't trust it enough for too much adventure yet. I greatly appreciate this group of enthusiasts and the knowledge that is shared.

Any ideas on what would cause whistling (like a tea-kettle) when the gas pedal is compressed? It's barely audible when idling but very apparent with acceleration. For a few days the tachometer went out and the noise disappeared. When the tachometer went out I checked voltage at battery and sure enough the alternator wasn't charging the battery. I had a warranty on the alternator so replaced it with a "new" one which unfortunately didn't solve the issue. I checked cables, master fuse, cleaned battery terminals, etc with no improvement. Finally, I replaced the serpentine belt and the tachometer came back to life as did the alternator! Unfortunately, the whistling is still present but thought it was strange that it only happens when the tachometer/alternator work.

Was that too much for my "intro" post?
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