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New to the forum. We don't currently own a Land Rover but this weekend my wife was in an accident and I suspect that our 2003 Trailblazer LTZ will be written off as totaled.

I have wanted a Disco 2 or Range Rover for years and saw that a local used car dealer had a 2001 HSE rover that was converted from air bag suspension to coils for sale and thought I would research i closer.

I would likely take it for myself and give her our Yukon XL. I have read of numerous electrical issues with the P38's. My question is are these annoying issues like a door lock not working by the switch or are these debilitating and costly? Under more a more normal situation I wouldn't be worried but having two college tuitions and now the added expense of having to raise my house due to Hurricane Sandy so cash flow and savings aren't what they are normally.

Thanks in advance! :wave:
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