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New Noise - Clacking, clicking, rotational noise front end

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So about a week ago i started to notice a clacking/clicking/scraping rotational noise coming from the front right. It sounded to me like a wheel bearing was going bad and i had an extra hub laying around so i switched it, no change. Then figured it would have to be the CV, changed that and still have the noise. I also pulled the front drive shaft and drove around without it, still have the noise.

The noise starts around 15mph and is continuous even while braking which makes me think its NOT the brakes.

Link to the video:

Any ideas?

I was thinking about jacking up the truck and running it on jack stands to see if i can pin-point it but i'm a little hesitant...falling off the stands and going through the living room would make for a bad day...
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Answer follow-up....

From another thread...

Originally Posted by alfa_romeo55 View Post
Did you recently have your tires balanced as they tend to hammer the weights on the side of the rim instead of using the stick on weights. As a result the weight might be protruding just abit rubbing against the shock towers and causing the ticking noise every revolution.

You sir, I owe a beer!

So last night I went up to a buddies and threw the truck up on 4 stands, ran it up to 45 and didn't hear a that point said OK, I give up, I will run it until the noise gets worse.

Since the truck was up on stands i figured i might as well rotate the tires.

Put the truck back down and took it for a ride....nice and quite!

I didn't realize how close the weights are to the steering knuckle! During the last outing i must have knocked 1 a little loose.

Best part is when i changed the CV/axle shaft i changed the axle seal because i had a very minor its major leak...must not have seated it properly going to put my old CV/axle and hub back on, at least i know where they have been and haven't been molested by some scrapper that pulled them.
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Good to know
What probably sounded like an expensive problem turns out to be a silly / easy fix and nothing hi tech
I will remember that one
I'm surprised it didn't kick the weight off the wheel
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