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Hello.... this is my daughters vehicle, who was taken form this earth at 21 by a reckless and maniacal drunk driver. She had a house she owned which Dad sold, against moms wishes, but someone had to lose right? Anyway, I am digging my feet in about her car. its only got 77k on it. We've had about 3k put into it mostly having to do with coolant leaks and some suspension work. My husband was told by his mechanic to "get rid of it because it will only cost thousands." Well, Ive been driving it around town all winter, once or twice a week, and the only problem I've been having is the suspension fault warning. It is sporadic, some days I don't see it at all and other days it comes on as son as I start the Vehicle. At first it was just the amber fault but now I'm getting the red "do not exceed 30 mph"warning , but again, very sporadic. Im very confused as to why it only sometimes shows me these warnings. It only makes sense to me that if something were wrong it would be wrong all the time! I am fighting hard to save this car... Ive lost too much already and driving my daughters car puts me at peace. If anyone could shed a little light on what I may be dealing with I would be truly grateful.
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