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We just purchased a '96 for a winter ride, and there are a couple of things I would like to know about.
First, I can't seem to be able to shift the T-case diff lock lever. It will move between high and low, but not to the side to engage the lock, in either high or low.
Second, the cruise control doesn't work. The rocker switch lights up, but nothing else happens when I push the Set button. Are there some common issues I should be checking for with the cruise?
Yesterday I replaced the front pads, but I think the whole brake system will need a flush and refill as the pedal is still not quite right, and the right side collector/manifold gasket was leaking like crazy, so that got replaced along with new studs. So far I like working on it, nice and simple. The next big thing will be shocks. Are the fronts as much of a pain to replace as they look like? Looks like a spring compressor will be needed?

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