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New RR, 1st post

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Hi folks. Just bought an '03 RR (black/gray) with 19,000 mi. :) Love the car so far (all two days), and thought I'd join the discussion. A couple of questions:

1. Car came with a "modular brush bar", which I'm not crazy about but can live with. Just curious, anyone ever remove one of these things? The dealer told me that the front bumper would have holes, and would need to be replaced if I were to remove it. Is he right that I would need a new bumper? Any idea of the cost for anew bumper-- probably not worth the trouble; I'll just learn to like the brush bar. ;)

2. Who owned Land Rover in '03, BMW or Ford? (actually, my car went into service in June '02-- one of the first '03s in service, I suppose-- so who owned it in '02?)

3. I don't have garage space for the car, so it will be parked outside all winter. :mad: Any tips for preserving it given that it will sit outside?

Thanks! :drink1:
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I will let the experts answer #1 and #2.. as for #3, take a look at the "show and shine" section and read the lengthy "How to was your car" post.. it is long, but full of excellent info!

Thanks Serg. By the way, here's an interestong RR discussion on my regular board. In the last post (by me) you will see my plug for your board.

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