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New RR Owner

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I am a new owner of 95 RR Classic LWB. I just picked it up and it is beautiful.
67000miles blk/tan and everything stock! One owner vehicle.
I need to put some mods and accessories.
Where is a good place to purchase side steps? I know Atlantic British, Rover Connection and british pacific but is there anywhere else?
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hamrendan said:
lets face it you cant go wrong with a nice rack! eh??
This man is a genious!

I have the light guards and took off my steps. I got some Hella lamps for the front. I really want a roof rack and even someday want one of those roof tents.

I would suggest you look at pic of the other guys and gals trucks and see what you like and get that stuff. My favorite truck is Ozzie's at Ozzie's Offroad. There are lots of things you can do.
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