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new tires installed

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just got back from 4wheeparts with new 265/75/16 trxus m/ts
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Very cool Man, looking good! Thanks for posting your photos.

I know a guy here in Colo. selling the same tire (in 235/85/16 size) mounted on NATO'S and now I'm even more tempted, even though I really just want the wheels.

Keep the feedback coming.

Funrover said:
I need tires..... How much is he asking? Maybe we could work out something...
I think he's looking for < $650.00 which is half of what that tire/wheel combo costs new. I think he has <10K miles on them too.
I just can't sneak that much $ out of the checkbook this close to Christmas or I'd end up divorced :) They do look sweet though...
Here's a link to the photos on his disco:
Tire/wheel combo for sale

Email me if interested and I'll get you his correct email addy.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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