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New to Discovery! help please! :)

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Hey guys I just bought a 2004 land rover discovery 2 SE7 it has 101,000 on it. its a sweet ride everything works great on it and is completely stock. I am wanting to add a grill guard or front bumper. A roof rack (will that work with the double sun roof?), a small lift and tires. Me and my wife want to take it to her parent house in washington state (were in dallas) so.... what do you guys recommend I do before we leave? and what is the best way to aquire these parts... and What lift and tires is best recommended on a budget?

Im a jeep guy (owned 13 cj's) but have always loved the comfortable interior and adventurous look of the disco. Thanks!


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^Very nice looking Disco there. Like mine, except I have a black '01 DII that I'm currently restoring to full health after a negligent previous owner.

Check out Mike's maintenance list at the top of this forum. It's invaluable.
First thing you do is,

1 Oil filter, K&N 3001 or Mobil 1- 301
1 Factory air filter
6 Qts. of engine oil, Shell Rotella T-6
2 feet of 3/16th vacuum tube
2 feet of 5/16th vacuum tube
6 Qts. Of Vavoline’s high mileage Dextron 3 ATF
7 Qts. of 80/90W synthetic gear oil, 85W/140 for HD use
3 Pints of Castrol Synthetic or Vavoline’s DOT 4 Brake fluid
4 Qts of synthetic Power steering fluid
2 Gallons of Peak or any green or yellow coolant, don’t use Dexcool
1 Bottle of Lucas Power Steering additive
1 Bottle of Lucas Transmission additive
1 Can of B&G’s 44K gas additive
1 Can of Spray Carb. Spray
1 Can Of Brake cleaner
8 Spark Plugs, I use Bosch Platinum Plus 4's
1 Set of Magnacor or STI 8mm plug wires
1 Serpentine belt
2 Bottles of SeaFoam gas additive
1 T/Stat
1 bottle of WaterWetter or Purple Ice
Hoses and belts, as necessary

60,000 Mile Service or Major Service for High Mileage Used Vehicle just purchased

Bleed the brakes
Flush and change the power steering fluid adding one bottle of additive
Service the tranny adding one bottle of additive
Change the coolant Pressure Cap and t/stat
Do an engine flush before changing the oil
Do an induction cleaning
Clean the throttle body
Add fuel additive to full gas tank
Change both of the diffs fluid
Change the t/case oil
Replace the plugs and wires
Replace the air filter
Lube all the drive shaft grease fitting including the 2 slip shafts
Do full inspection of brakes, hoses, bushings etc.
Rebuild or Replace the front drive shaft if it only has 1 grease fitting

Once you are done with that, then you should give us more information on what you plan to use it for and what size wheels do you have 16 or 18"?
The roof rack will cost you around 1.5 MPG so I would really think about installing one.
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DISCO MIKE thanks for the list super impressed! I have 18 in wheels also don't know if this matters but It was airbag suspension in the back and the previous owner switched it to coil.

Mainly a daily driver, but I want it to be capable to go to state parks and hit some mild trails. I'll just use a jeep if I am really feeling the need to climb :)

Thanks for the info on roof racks i'll consider it.

Also I went to discount tire and couldn't find a tire I was super pleased with. Looking for a tall but not to fat aggressive tire. maybe 32/11.50 on my 18s.

Thank Guys for the support
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