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Gidaye all just wanted to say hi :wave:
I have been to this forum as a guest and have enjoyed reading the posts and reply's.
I have a 95 es disco with no problems to speak of :clap: believe me though this is not always the case. luckily i have been able to do my own repaires both electrical and mechanical and thought i might be able to help and or be helped when those little nasties appear.
I am an avid off roader and i am lucky that i already live in the bush with some of the best 4wdriving experiences to be had. I have been 4wdriving for about 25 years and have only owned land'ys as they are the best by far.
Any way hope to cath up with you all look after your landy and sheel always look after you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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