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Hello fellow members. I am new to the forum as well as Land Rovers, but not anywhere new to working on cars. I am a recently retired Navy jet mechanic so I'm used to turning wrenches. I just purchased our daughter a 1998 Discovery I as she's been begging for a Land Rover for the last couple years. Rover is in relatively good condition, is red with tan interior. I have been doing a lot of searching for parts, pricing, etc to repair this DI and although I've been around cars my entire life and worked on Navy jets I'm a little nervous due to parts locating, prices and just the lack of parts breakdown to see how these are put together. I hope to gain much knowledge from you all here and will bestow any helpful hints or knowledge I gain along the way to others. Right now I'm on the hunt for wiring diagrams and connector parts as the headlights/foglights/turn signals up front have some issues. Thanks for any help, words of wisdom or tips provided along the way.
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