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New to the family

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Well after the wife tested almost all of the other suvs, four months of test driving, she said had to have a new LR3. Being the supportive husband I just needed the color and options. Silver on black,and loaded. We have had it only a week, but we love it. Had 12"-14" of snow yesterday and disco3 handled it great. New to LR so I'm reading and learning alot. Got any tips or other good sites for info.TIA
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Wow, I did not know there was a LandRover dealer in Alaska. Congratulations and if you have a few moments, how about a few photos with the new member of the family.
Adam in NYC USA said:
how about a few photos with the new member of the family.
the hell with the pics of the new member of the family (no offence). how about some pic of alaska!! been a place i've always wanted to go visit and *maybe* tackle denali
take care
I'll post a few photos in about a week. I'm at work, on the North Slope of Alaska (-30F with a 20mph wind), I'll post when I get home. Alaska is very beautiful, just a bit cold up here near the Arctic ocean.
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