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Can someone please give me their opinion… I have a 2014 Range Rover Sport. The other day I was driving when I noticed the D light was flashing on the dashboard and then my truck slowly started to shut down as I was driving, almost as if I ran out of gas (I had a full tank) so it was towed to a local shop. Not even 20 minutes later I get a phone call from the mechanic, which I thought was strange, but he tells me that the timing chain broke inside the engine, which then caused the pieces to seize and blew up the whole motor. My husband and I went by to check it out after we were told by others that what the mechanic said was highly unlikely. So my husband checks it out and sees the timing chain fully intact (pic attached) Now I have no clue whats wrong with it and why the mechanic would tell us that? Has anyone ever had this issue??? Or if there are any mechanics reading this, do you have any idea what it could possibly be? And would even be worth fixing?? View attachment 94374
What engine does it have? It’s not uncommon for the V8 in those to jump time due to poor tensioner/guide design.
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