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Hi all :wave:

I'm after some advice

I'm looking at buying a landrover discovery in the not too distant future to replace my subaru impreza wrx sti5 :drive: (reasons - wrx is too expensive to run now, landrover will have cheaper insurance, family friendly - wife will drive it, most imprtantly i need a tow car for my trackcar, off road fun etc etc...... also being in the forces i am very favourable of landrover).

Anyway, I envisage getting around 10k for my impreza and from that i think i want to spend up to 7-8k max on a disco (maybe more if its the right car). Looking on autotrader, for around 7-8 k i can get up to a 1997-1998 model.

Being a relatively newbie in the landrover discovery world what models are better and what should i look for when buying.

If it helps, it has to be a diesel (is it the 200/300 tdi ?) and i would prefer a 5 door 7 seater.

Also is there a specific forum for UK disco owners, ie somewhere where i can get a good deal.


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You should be able to get a mint R plate dico for the money you are spending.Engines in a vehicle of this age will be will be a 300 TDi and do prove a good unit try to get something with service history as it will hold its value much better in the long run.
Go for the highest spec you can afford again making resale in the future more attractive.

Cheers ONz

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Look for one that has been used for a lot of motorway work :drive: and has NO off road mods.
School trip specials :bgreen: suffer from early engine wear due to them never getting up to temperature.
Anything that has been off road is an unknown quantity. Has the transmission been abused? No way of knowing till it breaks! :dunno:
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