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Newbie looking for ideas

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Well, I bought a 2001 discovery series 2 SE for my wife last year and we are just about paid off. Now, the fun begins....I am looking to turn this into my weekend off road toy and am hopeing you guys can help me with some ideas. Its Black and very clean, about 80,000 miles. I live in Colorado and will mostly use it for local trails. Any Ideas?? What works and what doesnt?
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2k will get you started, but "moding" never ends..... :shifty:

First! Find out if you have the "lockable" Lt-230 T-case. I think mid way through 2001 they quit installing the lt-230 with the "nipple". This allows you to add a CDL (Center diff lock) kit to the truck, so you can actually lock the center diff. Your truck has "traction control", but compaired to CDL, it's shitty.(Although it works well). If it indeed does have the nipple, get the CDL kit, first!!!! $150.00

Next, I would do a lift. Rovertym makes the "cats ass" lift for the D2's right now. Steve has that thing dialed in awesome! So, lift springs, shocks, SS brake lines (Optional)....600-700.00. I say lift before winch because the winch and bumper will weight down the front of your truck, and it will look odd...Tire's come into play here aswell. You can't go wrong with BFG....

Then, winch bumper and winch. Rovertym makes a very HD front bumper for the D2, but it is a little "clunkly" looking, but you will never damage it.. ARB bumpers suck! TJM's are OK, but a little flimsey...As for a winch, don't stray from the name brands...Warn, Ramsey, or Superwinch, thats it! You can't really go wrong with either vendor. Get at least a 9,000lb. I like either the Superwinch Huskey10, or the Warn 8274-50 spur gear winches...1500.00 to 2500.00

You will also need rocksliders, diff guards, and HD steering links, before going to the next steep, IMO. 800.00

After you have that, look at lockers. ARB or Detroit....BUT MAKE SURE you upgrade the axles aswell, at the SAME TIME as the locker's'. 1100.00 to 1600.00 (for rear) and/or 400.00 to 800.00 (fro front) (they don't make a HD axles kit yet for the front od a D2)

Once you have all this crap, you are addicted! Pelican or Storm cases, CO2 tank, air tools, CB radio, roof rack, spare parts, camping gear, GPS, and other stuff is not avoidable....$Endless
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