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Newbie looking for ideas

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Well, I bought a 2001 discovery series 2 SE for my wife last year and we are just about paid off. Now, the fun begins....I am looking to turn this into my weekend off road toy and am hopeing you guys can help me with some ideas. Its Black and very clean, about 80,000 miles. I live in Colorado and will mostly use it for local trails. Any Ideas?? What works and what doesnt?
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130CC said:
Quick question, only one word so I have to pad out the posting so that it is not that boring. Budget?
2 inch spring lift and tyres is not that bad in cost, and off road abbility
But six inches and bigger tyres diff locks front and back, winch up frount with a nice bit of steel for protection as well as side bars or rock slides, new seats, supercharger, spotlights, roofrack, radio's, long range fuel tanks the sky is the limit. But most it's what you plan on doing. Small off roading(fire trails), touring (camping), or rock crawing.

OK, SO I guess I did that that minor detail out. As far as budget I have 2k to start with and...since I wont have the 400 dollar payment, at least that much per long as the wife doesnt vito!!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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