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Hi Folks
I'm new here so please forgive any dumb questions.
I have a 2008 LR3 V8SE with 80k on it.
I replaced the front hubs, brake rotors and pads, rear brake pads last yr (about 6k since).
No real issues as yet (Thats done it now)- no fault codes showing

My question is I would like to keep the vehicle and am looking for advice as to what I should replace to enjoy as relatively trouble free ownership as possible.

A major service at the dealers is on the cards anyway.

I'm getting the chassis cleaned up and re rust proofed and undercoated.

I also would like to replace the stock tyres with something better - advice?:dunno:

A mixture of long distance touring and some off roading is looking good for the future -

I am going for an SA style safari trailer but would also like to have a vehicle tent as well - Advice please?
Thanks for any help

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You should search the internet and download the factory workshop manual and maintenance schedule as a start. Changing differential fluids, TC fluid, transmission fluid, and brake and power steering fluids long before the factory recommends are probably a great idea based on what others are doing and have experienced. Letting the diff fluid go 10 years or 150k miles is ridiculous in most peoples opinions.
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