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Assuming the battery & starter are good and all of the various electrical connections are good (particularly battery-engine) then you're probably looking at an immobiliser/security lockout issue.

1. Check that the battery in the key fob is good. If it's gone dead the security system can't sense it and won't let the car crank.

2. Check that the shifter is in "PARK". If it's any other position the car won't crank. The fact that you can't remove the key makes me think that this might be the issue. Move the lever back and forth a couple of times before setting it into park. Make sure the TC is in gear. It could be a bad "neutral safety switch" so the car doesn't know what gear it's in and prevents the engine from cranking at all.

3. Reset the XYZ (inertia) switch on the firewall. Just depress the button under the rubber cover. Sometimes it trips after major work.

4. Check fuses/grounds/connections, etc. Goes without saying but maybe something is loose or you overlooked a connection.
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