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Sorry i know you must have been there before but i cant find it!!

I have just signed up to the forum :D , so hello. :wave:

I have a defender 90 1989 with drums on the back, i have just purchased some Freestyle wheels and tyres and the listing stated for cars with rear discs only ! Oh well bought them anyway, have put one on the front and on the rear to try them, they seem to fit perfectly and do locate on the hub, i will have to knock the end cap off the hub to fit the wheel centres and from what i can see will just have to put some new wheel nuts on that are sleived as the wheels did not come with any.

Can anyone confirm this?
What is the difference on the fitting between drums and discs?
Apart from the dealers where can i get a set of wheel nuts from and do you know the approx. cost?

Cheers guys, hope you can sort this for me and with my future problems.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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