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2004 Land Rover G4

This vehicle is 1 of 200. If you don't know what you're looking at then this posting isn't for you. Ok, for the rest of you, this vehicle is perfect inside and out. Original paint, never been painted and interior has barely been used. All tires are brand new, including the spare. The vehicle is seriously like new, no lights on the dash, always synthetic, premium, everything covered, never ignored. Garage kept. Going 80+ miles per hour on the highway, the steering wheel doesn't even feel like you're driving, no vibration, nothing. This is a special automobile because of how it was preserved.

I have the original wheel cover for the spare, fyi

Land Rover
Discovery G4 Edition
4.6 Liter V8
72K miles
Exterior: Tangiers Orange
Interior: Black
2004 Land Rover Discovery G4 Edition Vehicle Options

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Far as I know it's just a fully optioned '04 (SLS, CDL, SatNav etc.) with orange paint, decals, a plastic brush guard, rear ladder, tire cover, and light guards.

It's a pretty neat marketing idea but all the "upgrades" were cosmetic and didn't really make it any more capable off road. Apart from the CDL which all '04s had anyway. Yes it was a limited run, but I don't think there's enough done with it to warrant such a high price or to classify it as a "collector" car.

Personally, I think the color is a bit much and would warrant all kinds of (negative) attention, but if it's your cup of tea, there are more reasonably priced models in the US:

Used 2004 Land Rover Discovery for Sale in El Paso TX 79907 Indianapolis Motors
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