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This 93' classic 3.9 SWB came into my shop on a hook. I cranks but will not start on its own accord. It has had some new parts thrown at it, coil, distributor and amplifier (IM) The wiring looks as thou it is correct. White w/black to neg. on coil. It is pulsing when cranking at the coil and pin 39 at the ECM plug before the resistor, but not after the resistor, but more like a flutter than a pulse. It will start with starting fluid, so I have spark, but the injectors and the fuel pump are not turning on. Fuses under passenger seat and relays check out good.
I installed a used ECM after testing the 40 pin connector for appropriate powers, (pin 15 and 19) and grounds, (pin 14, 27, and 40), all checked good. Still no injectors and fuel pump.
I believe on this year the engine speed is determined from the coil and the ECM needs engine speed signal to provide the ground for those 2 relays. I am thinking the coil is not wired correctly or something is missing there.
Any thought on this will be very much appreciated.
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