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No snow, no rocks, no mud... just bored

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Okay this is what happens when you drive a Disco to and from work every day and have no time to actually live. Obviously, this is silly!

Bored to death!!!
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I'm going to have to snap some pics tomorrow, but there is an empty, vacant lot behind the office building that I work at, and it has become our impromptu urban wheeling area.

But yeah, dammit, there needs to be more places for a bit of muddin/wheelin/wasting time around here!
texasrover said:
I spent a year in Houston. There are some really nice golf courses down there. Each time I played, I thought about wheeling around in the rover with all the elevation changes, sand traps... etc. Just think, make-shift club carrier built on the receiver and serious off roading in the creeks and woods to find your ball! Some of the sand traps looked pretty scary at TPC Woodlands.

Funny you should say that because there is a golf course right behind my house, lol. I'd probably do it, but there is pretty much only one way in or out, unless you want to drive over someone's property, and that might be going to far...

I brougt the camera with me today, so I'll snap some pics as soon as I leave. Agh, 30 minutes to go... :drive:
appstatedisco said:
When the ground is frozen over it doesn't damage the grass as bad as if it were wet and soggy.
Or when it's dry. It sure as hell leaves those tell tale tire tracks on it.

Here's my bit of 'wheeling behind the office. It's a big ass open lot where another building used to be. Now there's just random weeds all over the place, and me and a friend that works at the office use it to romp on when it gets wet.

And on the way out, I spotted this, and decided to see if I could climb it on the Disco. Sorry about the lighting, but it was getting dark out, and the two buildings right next to it didn't help.

And that's my contribution to the urban wheeling thread :D

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1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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