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95 Disco Standard

Any thoughts on no spark from the coil?

Seemed to happen intermittently and now won't start at all and have traced it to no spark. Been following the Rave troubleshooting and I've done the 4 voltages at the coil and they seem good. For test 3, amplifier switching, I'm getting 12 volts with the ignition off where it says it should be zero. I seem to remember that this test was an error in Rave manual so not sure on that? Can anyone confirm proper procedure?

I have already fitted new coil and amplifier. New wires, cap and rotor. Pickup in the distributor seems to have the correct resistance (3.5k ohms). I'm going to check the air gap and check the continuity of all the wires including the relocation wire for the amp. Anything else I can check?

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