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I hope someone can help, I drove my truck home the other day just like I do everyday. Shut it down same as always. I go back out 4 hr's later and she just won't start. What I no is: I have good spark and power ti the main, and fuel pump relays. The fuel pump relay has 2 hot wires one 12v and another acc. When the ignition is turned to pos 2 the fuel pump primes. This is not the case on my truck. It will not prime even with the line disconnected at the rail. No fuel. I jumped the fuel pump of wit a hot wiring and it starting whinning like they do. So now I'm confused. While fiddling around with my power tester I notice that when I touch the blue/purple wire (which goes directly to the ecu), the relay clicks and the pump fires up. I have tried multiple relays. Please help :dunno:
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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